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Crossroads is “Albuquerque’s Power Band,” that originated in 1992 in Albuquerque, NM. The members of Crossroads are comprised from different areas of the United States, averaging over 20 years’ experience of performing professionally. 

​ The music performed, ranges from a tejano music style of horn driven rancheras, cumbias, traditional conjunto, boleros and salsa to country, jazz, big band, rock, funk, soul and oldies. Crossroads is fronted by vocalist Joy Baca-Gutierrez and is accompanied by a full band including keyboards, accordion and horns. Crossroads has performed throughout the southwest including New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas, to which their music can be heard on the airwaves of these areas.

Crossroads first CD entitled, “Culture Walk” was released in August 1997. The recording received seven award nominations, and two award winnings for Cumbia, Salsa y Tropical song of the year and Instrumental song of the year from the New Mexico Hispano Music Association. At the beginning of the new Millennium, is when Crossroads sophomore CD entitled, “Nuevo Caminos,” was released. The release obtained a nomination from the 2001 New Mexico Music Industry Awards for Best Musical Production Traditional Style Hispanic and by May 2001, the release was picked up by a national distribution company.

By March 2001, Crossroads was selected out of thousands of bands, by the Board of Directors of the Texas Talent Music Association to perform at the 21st Annual Tejano Music Awards Show Fan Fair in San Antonio, TX and continues to perform in following years for the fan fair.

By 2005 is when Crossroads truly made a positive mark and was invited to perform at the 15th Annual New Mexico Hispano Music Association Awards Show and was contracted to perform at a Taste of Colorado, in Denver, CO with a record high weekend attendance of over 100,000.

In September 2005, Crossroads was invited out to perform in San Antonio, Texas at the award show for the Academy of Tejano Artists and Musicians, also known as Tejano Academy. Crossroads was recognized as the, “Best Out-of-State Band.”

June 2006, Crossroads released their self-titled third cd produced by Matthew Gutierrez and 11 time Grammy award winner Gilbert Velasquez, which debuts the band into the Tejano Music scene.

The self-titled CD features five (5) horn driven rancheras including a twist on their rendition on the classic song, “Crei.” You can hear a pop influence in, “Eres El Unico,” to give this cumbia a modern day feel. In “Sufriendo Penas,” Crossroads slows down this classic song to make you drink and grito all night long. Joy Baca-Gutierrez shows her versatility in this soulful yet jazzy Ray Charles hit, “You Don’t Know Me.”

Crossroads Bassist, Phil Baca is featured on this intricate horn driven cumbia, “Sumbale Maria.”  “Todo Mi Amor” demonstrates that Crossroads not only performs with horns, but also shows their ability to perform traditional conjunto styles. The music comprised on the self-titled CD also includes four (4) original compositions that are entitled, “Todo Mi Amor,” “Eres El Unico,” “Necesito Yo Saber,” “Me Esperas.”

Due to the success of the self-titled CD, Crossroads obtains a professional management representation of Aur-Marc Management out of Dallas, TX and tours the southwest in promotion of the project. The project is also promoted in various states by high profile marketing and by radio tours.
The self-titled project obtained Crossroads six award winnings from the New Mexico Hispano Entertainers Association for the following: “Conjunto Song of the Year,”  “Original Song of the Year,” “Songwriter of the Year,” “Male Vocalist of the Year, “Female Vocalist of the Year,” and “Album of the Year.” Crossroads also received four award nomination and three award winnings from the New Mexico Hispano Music Association for “Conjunto Song of the Year”, “Salsa/Tropical Song of the Year” and “Songwriter of the Year”.

Crossroads was also pleased to be informed by The Grammy’s that the self-titled CD was Grammy eligible and listed on the 2006 Grammy ballot.
In September 2006, Crossroads was recognized for a second year in a row as the “Best Out-of-State Band,” by the Tejano Academy, located in San Antonio, TX. Crossroads also received a nomination for “Best Orquesta,” category along with, the Latin Breed, Ruben Ramos & the Mexican Revolution, Avizo and Little Joe & La Familia. This was the first time in the organizations existence that an out-of-state band was recognized in this category.

By the close of 2006, Crossroads was a finalist in consideration of being inducted into the Tejano Roots Hall of Fame. Crossroads had been only band/group in the Tejano Music industry, to receive award recognitions in multiple states for one single recording project.

In March 2007, Crossroads is asked to headline the Mariachi Stage at the Texas Talent Music Association Fan Fair and performs live on Domingo Live, a live television show based out of Corpus Christi, TX.

In July 2007, vocalist Joy Baca-Gutierrez and Matthew Gutierrez record in Austin, TX on the “Christmas Cool,” project by Ruben Ramos.

In November 2007, Joy Baca-Gutierrez obtains the Presidency of the New Mexico Hispano Entertainers Association and was appointed as a State Commissioner for the New Mexico Music Commission by the Bill Richardson Administration. Her commission is currently still active.

During 2008-2012 Crossroads continued performing as the New Mexico Hispano Entertainers Association orchestra and All-Star Band for the annual award shows. Crossroads performed a variety of Spanish musical arrangements, collaborating various musical artists.

In June of 2010 Matthew Gutierrez and Joy Baca-Gutierrez assisted Latin Pointe with the LULAC National Convention in Albuquerque, NM with production and performing artist selection at Tingly Coliseum.

In 2010 to present, Matthew Gutierrez and Joy Baca-Gutierrez were appointed as part of the Latin Point production team for the National Tejano Music Convention. Latin Pointe is owned and operated by David and Sarah Chavez and is based out of Olathe, KS.

Since 2010 to present, Matthew Gutierrez and Joy Baca-Gutierrez continued to collaborate in other musical projects with artists such as Stefani Montiel, Johnny Hernandez, Jimmy Lee (out of Corpus Christi, TX) and Jerry Lopez.  

In April 2013, Joy Baca-Gutierrez and Matthew Gutierrez are requested to perform at the 20th Anniversary of Quality New Mexico Awards Conference in Albuquerque, NM.

In 2014, the band took a different direction began to collaborate with various artists. By August of 2014, Crossroads held a special performance in New Mexico at the Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino with Al Muniz and Johnny Hernandez. The following month Crossroads performed at the New Mexico State Fair with Santa Fe native, Jerry Lopez.  

Matthew Gutierrez had known Lopez Family and had performed in the past with Gilbert Lopez early in his musical career. In working with Jerry Lopez in various elements, Matthew met with Gilbert Lopez, Sr., the father of Gilbert and Jerry Lopez for permission to record "Mi Soledad." To confirm the permission, Mr. Lopez sent a hand-written letter to Matthew expressing his gratitude and shared more about the history of the song. Crossroads went into the recording studio and "Mi Soledad," was released to radio and for digital purchase by December 2014. The song was produced by 12-time Grammy Award Winner, Gilbert Velasquez and is an original song written by Gilbert Lopez, Sr.

Matthew Gutierrez continued to work with both Johnny Hernandez and Jerry Lopez with marketing, branding, graphic designs and events. In June of 2016, Crossroads performed with Tejano Legend, Johnny Hernandez at San Felipe Casino Hollywood for Father's Day. The following month, Crossroads headlined the Las Vegas, NM fiestas with Santa Fe Native, Jerry Lopez.

Due to the expertise and involvement in the Tejano Music industry and knowledge of many Tejano Music artists, by the Fall of 2017, Matthew Gutierrez was hired to be the Production Director ​for the 2018 and 2019 National Tejano Music Convention and the 2019 Fantasma USA, that took place in Las Vegas, NV. Matthew dedicates an entire week in Las Vegas with Musicians, Producers, Recording Engineers, Marketing Managers, Night Club Managers, Event Producers and more! This allowed Matthew an opportunity to continue the process forward towards the promotion of Crossroads and creative works on their new music project.

In the Fall of 2019, Crossroads released another single to the airwaves and expanded their digital library. This song took the band out of their comfort zone from traditional Rancheras and Cumbias and expanded their music catalog once again by pushing the Tejano Music envelope and incorporating a salsa influence. The song entitled "Nuevo Dia," was a song that Crossroads had been performing at live performances for the past three years, but it wasn't until the arrangement evolved to what was envisioned, that it was then recorded and released.